Scots.app is a quick-reference glossar that translates wirds and phrases atween Scots and English. It aye a beta and a lang gate aff frae bein a full dictionar, but we’r ettlin at makkin it better, sae check back aften if ye’r interestit in its development.

It’s biggit by Jamie Smith, a wab developer and Scots leid enthusiast steidit in Embra.

A bit aboot the Scots language

Scots is a Germanic leid — a mellin thegither o Anglo-Scandinaivie, French, Latin, Gaelic and Dutch — spoken mainly in the Scottish Lawlands and Northren Isles.

It’s sib til English, and is different tae Gaelic, the Celtic leid that is the day spoken maistly in the Hielands.

The 2011 official census shawed that it’s spoken by ower 1.5 million fowk (30 per cent o the population). The language haes a lang history gaun back hunners o years, and wis at ae time the official leid o record.

Ye can read mair aboot Scots here.

Featurs o this wab app

  1. Leuk up vocabular in English or Scots uisin the ae text kistie
  2. See results as ye teep
  3. Inpit wirds uisin mair estaiblisht spellings alang wi some common mis-spellings
  4. Returns baith the Scots, and the English translate or a definition in Scots
  5. Gies recommendit pan-dialectal spelling(s), basic pronunciation and grammar, some info anent wird origin, alang wi ony common alternative spellings
  6. Audio o the wirds bein spoken in sindry byleids
  7. Twa-three example sentences for tae gie an idea of the wird in context
  8. URL per results set for easy skairin on social media, in messaging apps etc.
  9. Lichtwecht and accessible on dasktap, tablet and mobile.

Soorces (mair tae be eikit)

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